About Us


Diamond Jewellery Buyer is a team of certified professionals with extensive experience in the in the field of buying jewellery and related products. Assessing gold is not an easy task and we do acknowledge this fact very well. All our staff has undergone robust training by the management professionals and numerous tests before they actually deal with individual customers and find the worth of their assets. At Diamond Jewellery Buyer, we pay the highest value for your assets all the while educating you the process. We ensure you get the best return on your investments in the form of cash or cheque. Diamond Jewellery Buyer is your one-stop shop solution to sell any of your gold, silver & diamond valuables and get cash instantly. We do on the spot analysis of your products and make on the spot payment as well. When your priority is getting extra cash for your liquidity, Diamond Jewellery Buyer has a solution to meet your requirements.

Why Us

Diamond Jewellery Buyer follows a standardized and technology based testing process to value your gold silver & diamond assets, which allow Diamond Jewellery Buyer to give the most accurate value to its customers. When you are selling your gold or silver valuables, we have got you covered and our certified Gold and Silver experts are always ready to help. We not only buy gold and silver but also diamonds which is rarely bought by anyone else in the market. We pays the highest possible value based on the current live rate for your gold or silver assets. In today’s scenario where gold loan companies give minimal value for your gold and charge huge interest, a lot of customers prefer opting cash for gold option. With Diamond Jewellery Buyer coming into existence, people are relieved by not putting their gold under loans and paying high interests over a long period of time. .